Description: Hellevator is a 3D boss-rush game created for the PC platform and designed for players who enjoy intensely focused play sessions. Take control of Lil Death and team up with Lucifer to escape the depths of the underworld.

Role: Producer / Lead Game Designer / Programmer

Engine: Unreal

You can see the full development process on my blog. Checkout the website to download the game for yourself.

Uncertain Escape

Awards: Shortlisted within the EQUS Quantum Games Competition 2017/18 link here

Description: Uncertain escape is an isometric arcade stealth game designed to showcase theories of Quantum mechanics in a fun outlet for players. Take control of experiment X and utilise their kit of quantum abilities to escape from an abandoned laboratory within a distopian future.

Role: Producer / Lead Game Designer

Engine: Unity


Description: ‘Forgotten’ is a 3rd person stealth adventure game set in the modern day. You are a doll who has been mistreated and neglected, and are on the hunt for revenge. Rejected, ignored and unloved, you demand attention and will hunt to get it. The player must explore the house and complete tasks which make the life of the young girl a living nightmare.

Role: Project Manager / Game Designer / Lead Programmer

Engine: Unity



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