Week 4 – Done

Started ethics draft - 4 hours Reviewed and redid literature analysis - 10 hours Begun Literature Review - 3 hours Worked on advanced topic - 4 hours Advanced Topic Points of interest from method analysis Most methods used surveys, questionnaires, etc. This could be applied in a virtual environment as a physical representation.


To Do week 4

Finalise MAPS - Do I submit? Finalise Ethics - Making it general Write up email to dude who made the base level for VR Advanced topic - Turning the points into direction for the level Papers / Begin Literature Review

To Do

Discuss: ETHICS Which room will be used for experiment What reference style Project Proposal Virtual reality is an upcoming technology that has affected a multitude of current processes within the medical field, such as physical rehabilitation. This project aims to investigate a player’s sense of agency as a gamification technique within the virtual reality environment... Continue Reading →

Honours Readings

When reading the papers, the following structure was applied: Title, Author, Research Question, Method, Results, What does this mean, Whats next. Common Headings / Subheadings: VR physical rehabilitation VR gamification techniques Gamification and Motivation Autonomy and Motivation The gap and trends that are appearing are the effects of autonomy on a players motivation within virtual reality, but for the sake... Continue Reading →

Honours Research week 1 – What is gamification?

Deterding, S., Dixon, D., Khaled, R., & Nacke, L. (2011, September). From game design elements to gamefulness: defining gamification. In Proceedings of the 15th international academic MindTrek conference: Envisioning future media environments (pp. 9-15). ACM. Gamification Refers to: The Use (rather than extension) of Design (rather than game based technology or other game related practices) Elements (rather... Continue Reading →

Final Week

Total - 30 hours Publishing - 13 hours Bug Fixing - 15 hours Producer Work - 2 hours Bug Fixing Squashed 15 Bugs, imported the remaining assets (Cutscenes, control screen, textures) Publishing Trailer With effects Without effects   Netherworld Showcase Got two words of interest from indie game marketing teams Created a stronger network and... Continue Reading →

Week 12 Deliverables

Total Time - 27 hours Deep Playtesting - 4 hours Bugs - 10 hours Publishing - 12 hours Producers Work - 1 hours Deep Playtesting 4 Deep Play Test Sessions 2 Bugs Found 1 Design Issue FoundAverage Game Completion Time:  ~30 Minutes Treachery ~ 5 minutes Greed ~ 8 minutes Heresy ~ 16 minutes Modified... Continue Reading →

Week 11

Total -  24 hours Deep Playtesting - 3 hours Publishing - 8 hours Bug Fixes, Touch Ups - 11 hours Producer Work - 3 hours Deep Playtesting Ran through 4 deep playtest sessions   From the playtesting sessions, found 4 bugs and two design issues. The average game time still remains ~30 minutes Treachery -... Continue Reading →

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